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Dodge Neon radio c/d player does not work. The radio itself works fine, however when you put a c/d in it, it either doesnt work or takes 20 minutes to start working, its obviosly reading something, because the number of songs on the c/d shows up, but i have no audio playback. I took it out to see if there was dirt or something in it but nothing was there that i could see,no burnt connections or anything, plus I couldnt get it entirely apart without damging the unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  Pinstriper38

Maybe it is the dirt on the laser point itself.. Maybe get the cleaning cd and get the dirt out of the laser..

posted by  mumin

quit stealing songs off the internet cuz you don't have the proper deck to play em, or if your legit then yeah try cleaning it first, you can get that compressed air in a can stuff and shoot er in there, make sure it's safe for electrical(some compressed air has moisture or some kind of additive that will coat the lens and will never work, like shop air with automatic oilers aren't good for cleaning these devices)

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

what year is the neon?

burnt or legit cds?

warm car, cold car?

because if its a late model neon(2000+), with legit cds, and a cd lens cleaner does not work, theres always the option called "warranty".

If its burnt cds and a laser lens cleaner does not work, either start paying for your cds, or live without.

If its a cold vehicle, let it warm up before trying a cd. Some decks refuse to work in the cold worth a damn.

If you NEED to have the latest music burnt onto cds, and its out of warranty, your SOL and better off buying an aftermarket deck. Those decks they put into the vehicles today are getting pretty pricey (IE - Parents 2002 Caravan, factory deck(Standard AM/FM CD player) goes for 800$ from dealer(and thats AT cost, not the marked-up price! An excellent aftermarket deck can be bought for 300-350(im using canadian prices). If you go the aftermarket route, I recommend either a pioneer or alpine deck. Personally I choose Pioneer.

posted by  dodgerforlife

It used to play legit and burned c/ds, the stopped playin them and only legit ones, now it doesnt work at all. Originally it came from a Neon that got wrecked, so i pulled it out and put it in my Diplomat (it had the same style connectors.) Even thought the car was wrecked, the player worked great and it had no problems. If i cant fix it ill get an aftermarket one or a used one on ebay. I searched google and there like 600 dollarsfor the factory deck and theres no way in hell id pay that. They must think there worth their weight in gold. But thanks for the help.

posted by  Pinstriper38

You can get cheap CD/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW decks for about 100CAD, and they're still much better than the stock one, that'd be my suggestion.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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