96 Ponyiac Sunfire Noise (passenger rear quarter area)

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I have a high pitched whining noise at the rear passenger quarter panel of my 96 Sunfire. It is loudest in the car but can hear it outside when it is running all from underneath. Any ideas? Fuel pump perhaps? Not my mother in law or wife either as the noise is present when I am on my way to a ball game...

posted by  ingelectric

wife or mother in law was my first answer but you've got that covered, sometimes fuel pumps will whine, a very minor humm is normal but if it's annoyingly loud, did you just have the fuel pump replaced? if the guy forgets the rubber insulators it makes for a bad day of driving or installed the wrong pump.is it happeniong only while moving or all the time?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I am not sure but if the fuel filter has a check valve that could be it or possibly a restriction in the exhaust, in addition to the fuel pump.

posted by  srober32

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