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Well not to long ago i was driving down the road then all of a sudden my escort check engine light came on then it stop running i didnt have enough time to pull on side of the road and all my fluids are full in my car can and i tried to start my car but my car wont start up it making a sound which its trying its best to start up can any yall tell me how to help my little buddy

posted by  miniB

I know enough from your post right now to know you have a Ford Escort which quit running andf has a check engine light on. Either need more info or you need delegate this job to someone who knows what to look for on these cars.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

ok i'll shoot in the dark, is it a 1.9L? check basics spark fuel compression? but this you can do yourself, take off the oil fill cap and have a friend try to start the car, get a flashlight and look in the hole where you fill your oil, can you see the rockers moving inside there, is anything inside that hole moving, if not the you probably broke the belt or more commonly on those motors the teeth strip out, so the crankshaft will not turn the camshaft respectively, if stuff is moving, go back to step 1.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Yes its a 1.9 liter its a 95 Ford escort LX is there any other info you need on my car right now im at home doing nuttin cuz my buddy is outside in da rain waiting to be driven

posted by  miniB

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