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Hello all, I have recently purchased a 89 Chevy Silverado 1500 series 1/2 Ton Truck w/ a 5.7L engine & a 700r4 auto transmission...it is not a 4x4.

When purchased, the exhaust had some damage, the pipe to the rear of the catalytic convertor was missing as well as the muffler. It has a little over 200k on the odometer.

Today, while checking all of the wires and connectors, I came across an unplugged connector. It looks exactly like the connector for the O2 sensor in the drivers side exhaust manifold (which is connected). I could not find a connection for it anywhere. I then looked in my chiltons manual at the electrical diagram and could only find one O2 sensor listed.

My questions being....Is my truck supposed to be equipped w/ 2 Oxygen sensors? or is this an extra connector that goes nowhere (as in they use the same harness for another vehicle also that comes w/ 2 oxygen sensors)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The location of the unplugged connector is coming out of the wiring harness conduit behind the distributer

posted by  Cantesoleares

most likely just an extra connector, they're everywhere on vehicles. I even found two under my carpet on my car, no idea what they're for because my car is loaded... anyway, if it was for a 2nd O2 sensor and it wasn't connected, the truck will idle real rough/the check engine light would come on.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Most GMs I have seen use only one 02 sensor installed after the y pipe connecting the two exhaust manifolds for engine control

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I had no idea that a vehicle could have extra connectors just flapping around.....I was almost certain I was going to have to install a second 02 sensor. Thanks for ending my headache.

posted by  Cantesoleares

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