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My grilfriend owns a 1995 mitsubishi mirage,4cl 1.5 ltr, purchased in CA. Here is the problem, the engine misses under moderate to hard excelleration until the rpms get to around 2500-3000. It has also started stalling when the clutch is depressed when coming to a stop. To me the car has always seemed to idle too low (around 500rpm). She says that she had the injection system flushed less than a year ago and that the plugs are about a year old. I am plannng on replacing the plug wires and distributer cap this week, also thinking about replacing the fuel filter for kicks. Now my question to all you import gods is, what else could be causing these problems? I dont know anything about her injection system, im assuming it is electronic, but the only thing I can think of that fix these problems is a tune up. Im trying to avoid bringing it into the shop so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.
P.S. She says the stalling at idle problem had happened before, when she got her tranny(its a manuel) worked on. We just had new breaks (pads and rotors) put on so there may be a corrilation, i just dont know.

posted by  akira

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