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hey hows it goin everyone?

My car is a 1985 Honda CRX DX, its an automatic with the carbureted 1.5 liter SOHC 12v

Allright so heres the story. lately its been taking my car a little more cranking to get it to start. And on Monday I had to take my brother to work, I went outside to try and start the car, I went to turn it on and all I got was a sound like the starter was struggling to get started, Like it was grunting. But it eventually caught, after about 2 minutes of cranking, and started. We went to the post office before I dropped him off at work and magically the car doesn't start. I sat there for a while trying it, but gave up and had it towed to my house. I took out the starter and went down to pep boys to get it tested, It works fine. So I came back, checked all the obvious cables and wires, didn't seen anything that caught my eye, reinstalled the starter, and was rewarded with the same crap happening.

When ever I try to turn it over one of two things happens, nothing or I get a weird soft humming sound from the starter, and my tac shows the rpms jiggling around 700.

I don't know whats going on but please, if any of you guys can help that would be great. I have a new job to start monday, and I really want to have my car working so I don't have to rely on a ride.

posted by  Zalight

how about the battery have a load test then check the alternator

posted by  osborste

No, the battery is fine, all my elctronics still work. But hell I could get it tested anyway.

posted by  Zalight

i'm thinking the battery might have a bad cell draining power from the other's

posted by  osborste

Even if the electonics work the battery may just have a surface charge on it. Have it tested.

posted by  srober32

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