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how to set idle speed on a 89 chevrolet corsica, thank


from corsicamom

posted by  corsicamom

im gunna have to refuse to supply info until you read the TOPIC OF posting and U! please just read it and i will try to help you

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the idle speed is controlled by the iac(idle air control) valve there's no adjusting unless you replace the valve. is the service engine light on

posted by  osborste

hi this is corsicamom

the service engine light is on

posted by  corsicamom

you will need to have the codes read from the computer in the car this will give you the source of the problem with the engine if the idle is low or rough there maybe problems with a sensor(s)

posted by  osborste

this is corsicamom
ok i'll do that, thank you very much

posted by  corsicamom

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