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I have a 95 dodge neon sohc and the timing belt broke. We've used a 3 jaw puller and managed to break the bolt off of two of them trying to get the pulley off. Is there any other way to get the pulley off?

posted by  lilcrystal

There is a puller specifically made for that one, good luck finding it though. All the tool rental places told me a regular one would work and I ended up breaking the dampner, 35 bucks later had a used one installed and it was all good. If you have already broken it you can drill and tap the spokes on it and bolt a steering wheel puller to it and pull it that way but then you need to get a replacement.

posted by  srober32

I wound up finding a 3 jaw puller from sears that worked fine, was a medium size puller, their large 3 jaw I had also tried but I coud not get enough clearance in the wheel well to use.

posted by  impss63

i think i ran into the same problem, and chrysler wanted 800$ for the puller, i laughed and walked out of there without a puller, anyway my craftsman and a cheap mastercraft set of pullers got mangled, so i used the good ole snap-on, came off like a hot damn.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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