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Hi all,

Please can you suggest any ways I could fix my '03 Mercedes-Benz C180 Kompressor car. Here is my problem :

I have recently been on holidays in Spain, and when I returned I realized that I had accidentally left my lights on! Obviously my battery was completely drained, so I jump-started it and it worked fine for a few hours - that is, until I turned it off and then on again.:oops:

Now it will not start ! The lights and everything will come on, but it is not running.

Can anyone suggest anything please ? I realize I am being a bit sketchy, sorry ,I am a 'car-weenie', but please - Any help would be greatly appreciated !! The battery should be fully charged, as I drove it around for must be something else ! :banghead: :doh:

posted by  Reapersoul

just replace the battery

posted by  dodger65

Thanks, but it still doesnt work. :doh:

posted by  Reapersoul

you're saying it's got a new battery in it? how are the connections? any corrosion? did it start the first time when you put the new battery in?

posted by  dodger65

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