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I have a 1998 sunfire gt 2.4L 4 speed automatic. Transmission problems began when I tried to put in reverse nothing happens until the engine is Revved up then it bangs into gear. Now all gears are giving same trouble.

Checked sealed transmission level - down about a 1/2 litre. Filled it up but still no change. Any suggestions on if it may be transaxle seals or internal transmission seal?

thanks in advance


posted by  maxpwr

did you check the level on level ground engine and tranny hot(normal temp)engine running. have to ask i dont know your mechanical abilities

posted by  osborste

thanks for the reply,

amateur mechanic at best describes my skill level. I checked it while it was running and on level ground. transaxle seals seemed to be leaking. When I have it in park and rev the engine it seems to lunge forward a bit.

posted by  maxpwr

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