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Can any one tell me how to get the inner door handle off in my 99 Camry.

Thanks -Ron :banghead:

posted by  Wolverine69

if there's a steel clip you could try useing a shop cloth(or wash cloth)slide it between the panel and handel and work it around the cloth should grab the ends of the clip and work it off or you could use the special tool they sell for this at most parts store's(nah)oop's that's for the window crank there is some plastic cover's over the screws remove those then the screws

posted by  osborste

you need a small flat head screwdriver, you want to pry up on the outside molding of the door handle. its kinda hard to explain but ive done a million of these so bear w/me.there are 2 clips that hold it in place,you want to pry on the upper half, towards the front where the actual handle comes in contact with the molding, and then repeat for the bottom half. when u have done that slide the molding towards the front of the car and it should come out.

posted by  jnemeth

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