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Hi i'm I have been learning about cars for just over a couple of
years now. My dad has finally gave in to letting me rebuild his
car engine (since he is getting a new one). The car is a 1992 Saturn
SL2. I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some pointers
and where to find a good manual.

Thanks, Sam

posted by  Car Boy

OK moving this to Repairs and Maintenance

second - why dont u have a crack at eBay - im sure someone will have something similar to what you want.

posted by  SuperJew

The manual is the easy part of the answer. Both Haynes and Chilton offer them for your car. I would recommend the Haynes because they tend to have better illustrations and picture which really help beginners. They're available at any decent car parts store and online from places like (my personal favorite book store on earth) and others.

The pointers are a little bit tougher. First and foremost read the proceedures in the manual several times before ever touching the car. As a beginner you need to know the proper way of doing the job and don't have experience to fall back on. Pay extra special attention to the safety info. Second is you need a good work area and the right tools for the job. For example an SL2 engine is easy to pull out of the car but without a cherry picker you're screwed. Lastly realize that doing a rebuild, even a simple rebuild on your engine is neither cheap or easy to do. Have fun and good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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