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Hello. My 86 Taurus has developed a problem I haven't been able to solve. It's an 86 Taurus 3.0 6cyl . The problem started a few months ago when the car would stall out without warning. It started out happening very infrequently, but now it's happening all the time. The symptoms are what I would imagine the symptoms of 'bad gas' to be...after twenty minutes or so of driving it will stall out. If I wait 5 minutes it typically will start right back back up and be fine for another ten minutes or so.

This is what I've done so far: new ignition coil cap/rotor/plugs/air and fuel filter. And I've added some dry gas into tank a few times also. I thought it might be vapor lock and a have tried driving with the gas cap loose a few times, but this hasn't seemed to effect it at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks Cal

posted by  seacoaster

hows the ignition module they tend to do this when they are going bad

posted by  osborste

It could also be a fuel pump or a clogged fuel pump pick-up screen.

posted by  srober32

i have a service manual for your car.i had a 87 sable with the 3.0 l and the module which is located on the throttle body,is causing that problem.the car i had did EXACTLY the same thing.it takes a special socket to remove the 2 screws,they are 7 mm deeep socket.the wall of the socket is so thin,that the ford part is needed.auto supply places carry them.you will need heat sink compound as well,without it the module will burn out quick.I AT FIRST THOUGHT THE COIL BUT IT WAS PRETTY CLOSE TO SPEC.change the TFI .

posted by  the lobster

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