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Question: 2000 Ford/Explorer XLS mileage 28K. I have a problem with power locks in my car. The doors unlock perfectly whether by a remote control or by pushing a door-lock button inside, but the driver side door will not lock along with other doors by the remote or the buttom. It's not a problem with the remote as the lights blink and honk sounds when I press the lock key on the remote. The only way for me to lock the driver side door now is finger-pressing the knob next to the window before I close the door. Any suggestions?

One Answer from the website: "Your problem is more than likely a broken wire in the wiring loom that goes to the driver side door. Check the loom at the door hinge." But how to get to the loom or hinge and where to find the wiring map?

posted by  jtindc

I would think it unlikely that you've got a dodgy wire. There should only be 2 wires going to the motor that drives the door lock. To drive it up (unlock) one of them is positive, to drive it down (lock), the other is positive. But the one which isn't positive still needs to be earthed. So the only way that I can see this being a broken wire is if the wire is broken and touching the car body, thus creating the earth.

It's also possible that the power lock is attached to the rod in such a way that it will push, but not pull the plunger. This is unlikely. To test it, try to lock the doors and listen closely to the driver's side door (just put your ear against the inside of the door. Does it sound like it's doing anything? If not, then it could be a wiring issue.

posted by  windsonian

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