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Hi this is my firs time here and it looks like a nice site you all have here.
Ok my question. I went to wash my car the other day and when I was done I added a little air to the front tires after that I get this loud humming from the front of the car it sounds like something is rubbing on the tires but there is nothing there. I had taken a little air out and no diff. Nothing has changed gage wise all is the same, all fluids are good. I thought that it might be the wheel barings so I jacked up the car and grabed both front wheels to see if there was some woble or anything like that but no. do you guys have any ideas? Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  skeeter

Well I'm sure we can work our way through this with a little effort. My first question to you is does the noise change in intensity or frequency with road speed or engine speed? If the answer is road speed, what happens when turning or reversing?

posted by  vwhobo

HUMMING, Just doesn't sound right. Think you may have been sucked in on this one. Persons lingo appears to be just a little bit too southern to be from Alberta. :rolleyes: I figured you would be the one to respond to this, no-one else would. U DA MAN!

posted by  lectroid

Ok it makes the same noise in every gear but reverse I even got up to speed and put the car in netural and turned the engine off but got no change. The car has to be going atleast 30km/h for the noise to start and nothing changes it faster,uphill,downhill,left or, right. Thanks for the replies and any more help you may offer.

posted by  skeeter

Sorry but your response just doesn't follow any logic. You state it continues to make the noise while coasting with the engine off, so we'll assume it's drivetrain related. I find it extremely difficult to believe a drivetrain noise doesn't increase or change with road speed. I guess I need a better description or you'll need to take it to a shop.

posted by  vwhobo

Skeeter, I'll assume from your response, or lack thereof, that your humming noise isn't important enough to persue. You're welcome.

posted by  vwhobo

Hey,Skeeter!I see that you are from Medicine Hat.I at the moment live in Edmonton,Alberta. :D Welcome,neighbour.

posted by  vwmaniac

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