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I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse, automatic tranasmission, 16 valve, (I just bought it so I don't know what else it is.) It just had its transmission rebuild and the torque converter rebuilt. The CV boot was torn and it was replaced as well but I don't know if it was the left front one replaced. Initially it had a slight rubbing sound but no squeaking, after going over a few speed bumps and a bumpy railroad track it now is making horrendous squealing and squeaking noises. It fades with increase in speed and does not go away when you brake. Turning the wheel to the left seems to intensify the noise and then it fades back to what it was. It sounds like it is comming from the left front area of the car. Any ideas?

posted by  mikesgirl

easiest thing first... see if your dust shield is rubbing your left front rotor. they could have bent it when doing the trans or cv boot

posted by  dodger65

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