1988 geo tracker idle problem

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1988 geo tracker problem submitted a week ago :clap: :clap: .................i fixed it.......

posted by  ronl

Yay! :drool:

posted by  srober32

I just bought a 92 Tracker, Man Trans, 2WD with a bad hesitation & poor idle when engine is warm. If I shut the ignition on & off, the problem clears itself momentarily. What did you do to fix your problem?

posted by  Marty

Also now when driving the car seems like is only running on 3 cyl rather then 4, tried to get a diagnosis on it, but they couldnt find the connectors to do so at the chevy dealership... please help me!!! Stressed!!! :cussing:

posted by  swtninnocnt88

Hi Ron,
Any chance you can let me know what you found,have a 91 with similiar problem

posted by  ajbes

Ron, have a 1989 same problem, any advise?

posted by  arts

if your problem is the engine seems to run on 3 cyl instead of 4 then check the rotor and cap plug wires and the plugs and compression
cap =worn contact
plug wire =worn or broken inside casing
plugs =one bad plug
compression = one dead cylinder no/low compression

posted by  osborste

Or it could be a bad pick up coil in the distributor, some auto parts stores will check this for you. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

just an opinion but by looking at how many people have the problem i would sell the lemon

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Here I am - answering my own post. Hopefully this may help some others. I had sent out my ECM to that guy on eBay (Steve George) who checked it out, said there was nothing wrong with it, and sent it back to me - at NO charge. He even paid for the return shipping!

Anyway since I could now rule out the ECM, I tried a new new filter. Not much improvement (maybe a little - maybe it was in my mind) I figured the problem must be in the tank - either the electric pump or the strainer.

I finally got around to dropping the tank today and to check the strainer at the pickup end of the fuel pump. It was very plugged with rust and looked sorta sucked in. I could blow through it but there was some resistance (there should be none). The Chevy dealer told me that the strainer was part of the fuel pump and wanted to sell me one for over $717 - I told him "That's what the truck cost me - I'll get back to you on that".:screwy: So I called the Suzuki dealer and also told me the strainer was part of the fuel pump, but his was only $275. I went to AutoZone and they had a strainer in stock for 15 bucks. I put it on, added fresh gas and a bottle of dry gas (lots of rust in there). That fixed it! It runs great now! I'm one happy camper tonite!


posted by  Marty

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