95 240SX goes dead if left untouched for more than about 4 hrs

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i have had this car for about 3 mos. and about 2 or 3 wks after i got it, it started going dead all the time, mainly overnight. i have to jump start it 2 or 3 times a day-in the morning, after work, sometimes after school (i go from 8-12:30). the battery is new and i think there is something slowly draining the power. it had gotten worse since the problem first started and can only keep enough juice in the battery to start the car for about 4-5 hrs after i turn it off. i know it's not the stereo because i have had that checked, and i have had the alternator checked and it is good too. please help!!

posted by  kittyboogers

Sounds like you need to get the battery charged and tested, and then if that doesn't pan out have the charging/starting system checked out at a shop.

posted by  srober32

Sounds like a drain.

First thing, remove negative battery terminal, connect one end of test light to the negative cable, and then touch the negative terminal with the test light, if the test light lights up, there's a battery drain. This would be the best way to check for sure. Reason for this, if there's any drain in the vehicle, the ground has to be used, so if you put the test light between the ground cable and the negative terminal, well you know that something is being grounded (aka, used). Hope you understand how that works

If the test light lit up then....

With the key off check the fuses. All electronic devices possible turned off, so close the door, and keep the glove compartement light off if applicable. If one has power then you have a battery drain.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

If your radio has memory it has a hot lead to the battery so that will show up as a drain, the thing needs to be tested not probed like an alien abductee. :ohcrap:

posted by  srober32

simply having your dome light on, or hood light on, will cause what looks like a parasitic drain. definitely not the best to way diagnose this problem. get your battery tested. just because it's new doesn't mean it is any good.

by the way, what kind of car is it? when it doesn't start does the starter make clicking sounds, or does nothing happen, do the dashboard lights come on? i'm assuming the motor isn't cranking over. more info there might help also.

posted by  carls47807

nevermind i see the car

posted by  carls47807

put a current meter in series with the battery.see if current is being drawn.pull fuses one at a time to see what circuit is pulling down the battery.
do you have a power amplifier added to your stereo?sometimes these will be wired incorrectly and the amp is on all the time .if it is a large amp,it can pull the battery down.the power antenna is usually the control voltage to turn these on.make sure that there is not 12 volts at the "on" terminal when the car is off.

posted by  the lobster

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