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Hi there! I am a semi-mechanically inclined woman with a '97 S-10. It started sporadically making an awful grinding noise when the clutch is fully engaged and I've determined that it is in all likelihood a bad throw-out bearing. I was thinking about replacing it myself... but it's rather involved - taking off all the cross-members, the exhaust... dropping the tranny... but I'm kinda broke and so I might *have* to give it a try. Can anyone give me a guestimate of what it might cost to have a shop do it for me? I'll take it in and get an estimate but mechanics have a tendency to take the "Don't-Worry-Your-Pretty-Head" approach to women, so I'd like to go armed with some clue...


~ Kaeri

posted by  Kaeri

That will probably run around 400 bucks US. I feel that if you are pulling the tranny you might as well check the clutch as well.

posted by  srober32

Which is the best way to drink beer. :wink2:

posted by  Wally

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