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I was driving my car it started ticking real bad oil light came on i pulled over the oil was fine i drove maybe 5 min turned car off and it will not start back up it clicks but nothing will turn over is this i need a new motor?? please help

posted by  sweetthang

Probably, it sounds like your oil pump went out and by continuing driving you did serious damage to the engine.

posted by  srober32

yea oil light can mean low oil or low oil pressure..u pulled over and check if u had oil?
worst case scenario: u siezed up ur engine..

posted by  thongsai

Hmmm... This is an odd case.

What engine in the Cavalier?

So, the starter isn't turning over the engine at all? Have you tried giving it a boost?

Here's what to do:

On the balancer (crank pulley), there's a big nut, probably somewhere around 1"+. Put a wrench or ratchet on that bolt and try to turn the engine over. Give it a good yank, I don't know if you've ever turned an engine over by hand or not, but you have to fight the compression of the engine while turning it over, so it's not a real easy thing to do. Turn it clockwise, just incase your crank bolt is loose, not to loosen it. If it turns, it's not seized. If it doesn't, it's quite possible it is. Try that and then get back to me and I'll further help depending on the outcome.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

what cars have a light for low oil, im just curoius, im sure there are but i haven't seen one yet

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

1993 Mercury Topaz.. Mine does

posted by  EvilPodAE

I don't think so. Has an oil pressure sending-unit and that's it. Especially on a Topaz.

Low oil light are quite rare, usually only the higher class vehicles have them, becuase, they're useless at the same time. You should be able to figure there's something wrong with it before you run out of oil, my car was down 1.5 liters and I knew there was something wrong, that's only .5 below the safe zone, I heard a knock, pulled over and looked an sure enough, it was oil. And it's something everybody should check regularily.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

i tried that and it does turn and when i turn the key i can see it move it just doesnt want to keep going it just moves a little it is a 2.2

posted by  sweetthang

Is there anyway to tell if the engine is seized up??

posted by  sweetthang

as grandprix said in his post try turning the engine over by the crankshaft bolt you should feel alittle resistance but it should turn over clockwise if not the engine is locked-up i dont want to say siezed yet as there maybe something internal stopping it from turning

posted by  osborste

I have a 1992 ford ranger that has both a gauge and LOW OIL LEVEL light

posted by  thefonz

So you can turn the engine manually, right? You can give it a full turn? But when you use the key, it only jerks the engine? Sounds like your starter is either A) No good, or B) Not getting enough power. Try giving it a boost to check the battery. Otherwise, it sounds like your starter is bad.

If you can turn the engine over with a ratchet or wrench it's not seized.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

if it will turn over the opposite direction a little bit, it might be hydro-locked (blown head gasket) if so, pull the plugs, make someone you don't like stare at the engine, and crank it over. if it's hydrolocked, it will shoot coolant from the cylinder.

posted by  dodger65

Some times, since the are referred to as idiot lights, the indicator lights on the dash give a false sense of security. I have seen cars overheat and the only light that comes on is the oil pressure light, usually with high mileage engines.

posted by  srober32

And that's why you ignore the lights and watch the gauges :thumbs: My cars low-coolant level light comes on intermitantly all the time, now that it's getting hotter it's always on, I put the scanner on it while the light was on and it was only 105C, we get cars like that in all the time, people need to learn to ignore lights and watch gauges, by the time a light comes on the damage is pretty much already done. Then there's some cars without gauges... kudos to the manufactuer for making it harder to keep an eye on what's going on with the car.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

hundreds of cars have low oil lights ,especially the ones that do not have an oil pressure gauge.and hey get this,the dodge cummins diesel has a sensor switch that will prevent the engine from being started.a low oil level in a 2000 1.8 turbo beetle will put
the check engine light on.

posted by  the lobster

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