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I just bought a 92 Tracker with manual trans, 2WD, TBI. It runs fine for the first few minutes until it warms up. Then it will sputter & buck when trying to accelerate. When coming to a stop the idle will drop down to a stall. If you shut the key off & on again, it runs great again, but only for a few hundred feet. This tells me that it's not a problem with bad fuel or filter, but something electrical.

I unbolted every ground on the engine and chassis (firewall) that I could find. (Engine side - 3 wires at the base of the distributor and one small one near the thermostat housing; Chassis side - one on the center of the firewall near the distributor and a few on the firewall at the wiper motor). Took them apart, sanded them nice & shiny - even the bolts & washers. Someone had previously added a ground wire to the chassis from the battery negative terminal. I took that apart and cleaned both ends, too. Same problem.
I added an extra wire from the engine to the chassis - same problem.

I checked for computer codes and all I got was a 12, which I believe means no stored codes.

I tried the dreaded ECM "cure" of running a wire from the black wire on the coil to the red wire on the injection harness. All that did was give me a continued high idle, but the hesitation and stumble came back. If I momentarily shut the key on and off again while driving, it would take the throttle OK, but start hestitating & stumbling a few moments later.

Are there any other tests that I can try? I really don't want to plunk down big bucks for an ECM if that's not the problem.

posted by  Marty

you are sure about the fuel pump or relay not cutting in and out it is electric
maybe a sticking egr valve bad coil or ignitor or condenser if you have a manual look at the engine's wiring diagram

posted by  osborste

It doesn't "feel" like a bad fuel pump/relay. It recovers too instantly when turning the key off & on.

Coil or ignitor, hmmmm.... maybe. I ***wish*** that I had a manual so I knew how to test these. I just won one (Haynes - hope it's a decent book) on eBay, but don't have it in my hands yet. :banghead:

posted by  Marty

how are the plugs,rotor,cap,wire's maybe a breakdown somewhere here

posted by  osborste

Haynes manuals are some of the best you can buy, and will help you loads.. check the points and stuff because I had a car once that did the whole bucking thing, and it was a faulty lead, and the points were cleaned.. then it was fine.

posted by  Osiris

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