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maybe one of you could help me. I changed the tranny on my 96 honda civic hx vtec-e from an automatic to a manual of the same model. the manual computer did not work so i put the automatic computer back in. this worked fine for about two months but now the car has been (i believe ) misfiring on the fourth piston sporradically during driving neutral and idiling, but now it is getting progressively worse. when I'm driving it will start firing weird and eventually stall out. the ecu codes only come out as general tranny codes, this is normal considering what i did. truthfully i have no idea what is wrong but I think it may be a wiring problem with the feul injection associated with the change I made, but I dont know. the automatic for the hx vtec-e cost about $2300.00 used and the manual is about 800.00 so I figure somebody else has ran into this problem somewhere, any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

posted by  spook

now that I think about it, maybe I am the only person who has done this , I may be screwed.

posted by  spook

So your Hoondah has a manual tranny and an auto ECU?

posted by  Wally

that would be the first mistake, in my opinion. start there.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Maybe it's not evident enough to you, but... There is a reason why the car has an automatic compatible UCU and a manual compatible ECU. Instead of reverting to the auto ECU you should have found out why the manual ECU was inop.

Beyond that, your driveability concern may not be ECU related. Have you checked the basics to see if the engine has an ignition/fuel delivery/fuel supply problem?

posted by  vwhobo

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