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my 95 firebird hesitates or "bucks" a bit at higher is not the spark plugs, as they were just replaced....or the spark plug wires, as they were recently checked........the fuel injectors have been cleaned recently as the last few days, i have noticed an unusual exhaust smell in the car, while running.......what could this be? :banghead:

posted by  djsheryl

like gassy smell or like burning ass smell, the toxic ass smell might be burning coolant, what color is the exhaust? are you losing fluids?

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posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the exhaust is white. the smell is not a burning oil smell, but does smell like burning chemicals. i have noticed that this "hesitation" or "jerking" happens usually when accelerating....if i back off the gas, it stops. it happens sometimes when i am driving at a constant speed, but only at higher rpms. it is an automatic transmission.

posted by  djsheryl

you probably have coolant leaking into the combustion chamber.

there are many different ways to test for this. in severe cases you can pull your oil fil cap and see if it is yellow/milky.

but it definitely seems as though you are burning coolant.

check your coolant level. if it is full then i am wrong. if it is down, fill it up and check it in a couple of days.

posted by  carls47807

the shop is telling me that i had a bad spark plug wire and now three coils are damaged and need to be replaced....AND...that my catalytic converter is plugged......are they ripping me off?

posted by  djsheryl

a poorly tuned engine can and will damage the cat as for the coils you say 3 coils are needed must be the v6 models one coil does two cylinders its hard to say if all three need to be replaced if you trust the garage then go with it and the plug wire i've seen brand new one's out of the box have bad wires so this is very likely

posted by  osborste

a plugged cat will cause the type of trouble you have,and if the plugs were really old when you replaced them,and or misfiring,the excessively rich mixture will overheat the cat to the point where they glow cherry red.if it gets hot enough you could even get undercoating or paint or wiring overheating will which will definately the white exhaust moist or it is powderlike from the mixture leaning out to the point where the engine is shutting down?my olds had a plugged cat and did exactly the same thing.if you do a backpressure test after the o2 sensor is removed,that will tell you,before spending money on coil packs.

posted by  the lobster

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