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Hello everyone, I was hoping someone might have an answer or some advice for a problem I've been having over the past few months.

First and foremost I'm driving a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM GT, I purchased the car used with about 12,000 miles on it and it's up to about 31,000 now with an automatic transmission. Never had any problems with the car and have religiously taken it in for oil changes / any scheduled maintenence. I had the brakes changed about 6 months ago.

The problem is this: Anytime i slow down I hear a strange noise, can't really classify it as squeaking or grinding, but somewhat like a "whirring" sound. Its certainly not the sound my brakes made when the pads wore down. The sound happens when i'm either slowing down or speeding up (mostly slowing down, although i have noticed it when speeding up) once the car gets under 20 MPH, and it happens both when i do and DO NOT brake.

I've asked my mechanic to check it out, and the first time he did change the brake pads, that did not rectify the problem and since then he has told me 'nothing is wrong'. It is strange that normally the noise goes away after/during wet weather. If anyone has a clue what the problem is/might be/ what I should ask my mechanic to check I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help, please let me know if any additional information would help.

posted by  Meat

hmmm tuff call, i would be doing a front end check, not really concerned with the non-rotating assemblies(ball joints tie rods etc, but those parts are still important) I would be more concerned with the rotating assemblyies such as the wheel bearings or cv axles or even transmission final drive unit(rare but does happen) start with wheel bearings, have them properly inspected both front and both rear.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

It might also be a problem with your tires, check them for bulges on both sidewalls, uneven wear on the tread, have them balanced and check the rims for trueness.

posted by  srober32

could the sound of the engine or drivetrain be softening the sound that you should be hearing when you are speeding up?

gm transmissions can sometimes be noisy, i'm not gonna lie. i would get a good four wheel alignment check on it, and if everything checks out okay keep on driving it!

posted by  carls47807

drive the car and put it in neutral when it is moving.does the noise change?
then it is in the drivetrain/engine.if not,it is in something that still is turning like a bearing.the fact that it goes away when wet is intriguing.that leads me to think that it is something to do with ground contact.the first gear in the transmission can make a noise like that,especially under light load.check all the belts and pulleys under the hood too.

posted by  the lobster

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