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I own a 1997 plymouth breeze. The reason that i bought it was because of the decent gas mileage and the cheap price. The previous owner totaled the car and originally it got around 35 mpg but when i started measuring it, 25 mpg is what i average. Is there anything i can do to improve my gas mileage? Any pointers would be much appreciated.


posted by  discoinferno65

now im no car expert, im close to clueless when it comes to cars but from what i heard chaging your air filter and spark plugs can improve your mpg. also, maybe the previous owner added an intake and exhaust. those can ruin your mpg.

air filter = 10$
spark plugs = 40$ for the good ones ( i think)
and you can pretty much change them your self.

posted by  Ki2AY

just drive for 25 miles, then buy some beer first of all feed it to your friends and have them push you for the next 10 miles and ka ching 35 mpg(make sure the car is off when they are pushing it or else it defeats the purpose.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Some people are so funny... but I know how you feel.. my car used to be resonable good on fuel, but since it had a 3" Exhaust added the entire way through, as well as numerous other engine mods, the added speed uses more fuel

posted by  Osiris

It's possible that the previous owner had checked the car while the A/C, and other electric parts were not on, which would increase mileage by a bit..but I don't think it would be responsible for 10 mpg's worth

posted by  chris_knows

Was that car even rated at 35mpg originally? I think the most I got out of mine was 29mpg all freeway with the cruise on.

posted by  srober32

yes it did originally get that wehen i checked it on one of those car websites...

posted by  discoinferno65

i have one and only average 22 mpg on the highway, but then again anything oevr 60 lowers your fuel milage

posted by  griffinstud78

Weight is also a consideration, how much junk do you haul around?

posted by  srober32

Most of the time, if the car is stock, fuel economy issues are more related to a heavy right boot - heavy on the gas pedal that is.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Gas Filter, and PCV Valve

posted by  EvilPodAE

if it was a manufacturer's website those numbers are usually attained under very controlled, optimum conditions... (i.e. very strong tailwind) :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

Also, its safe to up your tire size by one or two inches. it ups the gas economy... but watchout, it off sets the speedometer by 5 or 10 kms/hour

posted by  ashley

depends on a few thing if equipt with abs the speed sensors will be out the computer is set(calculated)for the size of tire originaly equipt on the vehicle some can be reset to the new size with scan tools. on others you can have the speed sensor replaced to match new tire size

posted by  osborste

you can also check tire pressure and set it to factory specs for best gas mileage

posted by  jnemeth

Heres some that will help ya if you want to invest a little money like $35.00 change your air filter to a K&N air filter as it will bring your gas mileage up about 5 to 10 % more as you have better air flow then the paper filters that are in cars also that will give you some more horse power and help kepp your injectors cleaner i highly recommend that air filter to alot of people and they notice a big differents in alot of ways and with that air filter you never change it as all you do is buy that recharge kits they have for it i run that in all my cars and love it myself you cant buy then at any auto part store. also change the plugs and make sure you buy an OEM recommend plug for that car............ :clap:

posted by  Tom34

:laughing: :clap:

posted by  windsonian

I looked it up on and your rating where it should be (assuming the 35 MPG is highway and your 25 MPG rating is city). (for the page with your car's information). :thumbs:

posted by  97Talonchik

...2 month old thread, folks... he's probably already sh*tcanned the car and gotten a hybrid... :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

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