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I changed the automatic transmission on my honda civic HX vtec-e to a manual transmission of the same model. The manual computer did not work at all so I put the automatic on back in, which worked fine for about two months, but now the rpms drop and bounce sporaddically during Idiling and all stages of driving, the car will jerk when this occurs during driving, and in all stages eventually stall. The problem is getting progressively worse to where I can't drive it. If it is part of the wire harness I could get the wire traced and replace it but to replace the whole thing (harness) would not be worth the trouble. I think it may be something with the fuel injection differences on the auto and manual. I'm not asking you guys what wire it is, but if it is a wire or some thing else. Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated. Sorry to put my opinion I know I'm not supposed to. I am a CF newbie so I now humbly submit to your car forum mantle of authority. :drool:

posted by  spook

Didn't you ask this question in another thread a few days ago?

Why, yes you did. Have you given any thought to the ideas bought up in that thread or answered any of the questions? Apparently not. Posting the same garbage over and over won't fix your problem, effort on your part will.

posted by  vwhobo

thank you

posted by  spook

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