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I have a 94 S10 5 speed with a 4 cylinder in it. when at idle it runs fine, doesn't miss a beat, but when the engine gets warm and you're just cruising it starts to miss a bit not much but enough to notice it start chuggin'. It will stop as soon as you accelerate a bit or come off it a bit. I know theres a leak in the steel fuel line, (only when its running), could that be the problem? Theres new plugs in it and the wires seem fine. :banghead:

posted by  DaMiEn_0607

fix the fuel leak could be a lose of fuel pressure at cruise on accel the psi regulater would close and allow rise in fuel psi till cruise speed also hows the rest of the ignition system cap rotor coil ignition module also check the egr valve as well for sticking or vacuum leak

posted by  osborste

post your problems again after you fix your leaky fuel line...or anything else that may be leaking/obviously wrong.

posted by  carls47807

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