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I wanted to remove the badges from my car (mitsubishi, gli badges)

Just wandering if there is a good way to do this that doesnt damage the car

Also will it leave behind the grooves, and how would i patch it up?


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it'll most likely leave a couple of 1/8 to 1/4 inch holes, and a line where the durt and fading has been different for many years. you can use rubbing compound to take care of the latter, but the holes will have to be filled and painted.

posted by  carls47807

Or they could have been applied with the double sided tape or foam in which case use a paint safe solvent like "goof off" or I have heard of people using lighter fluid. Polish the area with rubbing compound or polishing compound and put on a coat of good wax.

posted by  srober32

How can i fill the holes? im very new to this so i have no idea!

And do you think just use a screw driver or sumthing similar to yank the badges out?

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Ok i have searched for key words and looked at other forums...

They seem to say to:

1) use a hair dryer to heat up the badges,
2) Use dental floss or similar to remove the badges
3) use WD40 or Goo Gone to remove adhesive
4) Wax and Polish

Does this seem to be the correct approach?
Also i have a 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer if that helps! (or makes the process any different?)

If you have any better suggestions and steps could you please post them?

THank you very much

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That should be about right. Newer cars like your Lancer generally won't have mounting holes for badges, usually, as the holes are spots for rust to form. But some cars still might. Use those steps to get the badges off (do NOT pry them off with a screwdriver, or you could gouge your paint). I fholes are left over, then we need to go into detail the proces of filling them, but you shouldn't have holes left over...

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks alot, btw mines a 2001 lancer so yeah i guess i wont have to worry about the holes!

Thanks again...

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Ok just want to let you guys know that i have used this method, and it worked fine!

A little bit of advice for others, when applying the WD40, leave it for about 1-2 mins to have an effect on the adhesive, and dont use a sponge or anything to rub the solution (this will cause the paint to fade just a little). Simply use your hands, or object that wont scratch the car (be very careful) to get rid of the adhesive...

Overall its a pretty simple process, but patience is the key!

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I removed Hyundai, Sonata (spread out), GLS, V6 - which were all chrome lettering glued on. Also I removed the car dealer's logo which was stickers.

To remove the chrome lettering I held a blowdryer over them for about 60 seconds, an inch or less away. I then took floss and threaded it behind it from the top and worked it back and forth downwards. Rarely did I have to heat it up again, and all came off.

The lettering left the black adhesive on the car in the shape of the letter. 10 seconds of heat and I used my finger to roll it off. I used a finger nail if it was giving me trouble. I repeated this process for each letter. It took me about 40 minutes. The key to getting the adhesive off was honestly just elbow grease.

Now there was some residual adhesive left even after using elbow grease and a damp wash cloth.

WD40. Sprayed and let it sit for 20 seconds. Than I put the wash cloth to it, it came right up!!! The blow drying also worked for the car dealer's sticker. Just heated for 30 seconds and than used my finger nail to get up an edge, and gently pulled along the shape of the letter. The car looks great, the paint wasn't damaged either.

Honestly, my car looks MUCH better without that garbage on it. The car looks better than a "Hyundai Sonata" would make you think. So it looks really good now.

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Thats good and all...but 2 years I think hes finished it

posted by  newyorker

What do you mean?

Edit: Oh I see. Thought my post might help those who come now. I found this thread through google looking for help so someone else may as well.

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