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My transmission went a couple weeks ago and to save myself some money, I am pulling it myself. Its not hard to do but there is one thing that I can't get off. On the side of the tranny, there is a line that comes from the clutch fluid reservoir to the tranny. Where it goes into the tranny there is a quick connect fitting. There is a special tool to get it off but I don't know how the fitting works or what the tool looks like and no one seems to have the tool, or if a shop does they don't want to lend it out. They wan't me to bring it in. It would probably take a minute to get it off and its the only thing i need to do to get the tranny out! Can somone help??????????? 4.3L V6

posted by  mudzy

got this off the net
Fig. 32: The concentric slave cylinder fitting may be disconnected using two screw drivers at 180 degrees apart to depress the white plastic sleeve on the fitting-NVG 1500 transmission

posted by  osborste

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