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Yesterday I put a window motor into the drivers side of a 1991 ford tempo. Now this motor I put in was from the same year model and make of car as mine. The window motor works fine but now my amp light is on all the time. The car is fine just the stupid idiot light won't go off. How do I fix this?

posted by  mercuryman

sounds like amazing coincidence. i'd advise having your charging system checked

posted by  dodger65

I agree, call your local parts store and see if they do a free charging system check.

posted by  srober32

i would unplug the motor and see if the light goes off.

posted by  carls47807

if the alt plug has two black wire's with orange stripe's and a white wire test the plug i remember replacing lots of these plugs along with new alts as they burn up (melt)from rust/resistance or the wire's break at the plug the white should be the wire to your charge light

posted by  osborste

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