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I have a 1992 honda accord that will not stay started. I have changed the ignition coil, distributor, main relay ,It is getting spark. When I took my air intake off and sprayed carburator cleaner , it tried to start. Now sometimes it will start and run fro 20 min or so then putter and die. When the problem first started happening I would be in 5th gear and it start to putter really bad. Kind of like it was running out of gas. When I would get it started and go to slow down to make a turn it would die.. Don't have a clue to what it is and it is driving me crazy.. anyone that has any suggestions it would be great.

posted by  niki225

is there a port on the fuel rail you can tap into to check the fuel pressure when it isn't running? your fuel pump could be pooping out. especially if you have spark after it putters out and dies.

they haynes manuals have the recommended fuel pressures listing in the first page of their fuel section.

posted by  carls47807

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