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I have a 1990 pontiac lemans le, 1.6 liter, and the timing belt broke on it. It is my only car, since im 18, and it happend just a few days before my drivers test..so im hopeing i can fix it so i can take it. My dad and i got a new timeing belt, but we have no idea what marks to line up, and we cant find any pictures of what to line up. We dont think there is any tappet or valve dammage, but i guess we really wont know till we get it bak on. If anyone has any any pictures of where the timing marks are to go, or can help me out i would greatly appreciat it, thanx

posted by  Guy2005

Is it an interference engine? Coz if it is you will be very lucky if the valve stems aren't bent. Do you really want to risk bent valve stems working away at your valve guides? Of course damaged valves will cause a plethora of problems and maybe the engine just won't start anyway saving extended damage.

posted by  Wally

well...i really dont have the money to replace it if it is damaged...and i really dont have the money to buy a new car...so i guess its one of the try n fix it hope it works or have nothing, wich is were im at now pretty much, i just wanna try n do what we know, and if it doesnt work....start shoppin or something

posted by  Guy2005

well, according to gates website, it is an interference engine.

http://www.gates.com/downloads/download_common.cfm?file=GatesTBR.pdf&folder =brochure

but if you still want to give it a shot and hope for the best, you can make copies of auto manuals in the reference section of your local library as opposed to dropping $15 to $20 on a haynes manual (if you're on a super-tight budget)
best of luck!

posted by  dodger65

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