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The underbody of my 1999 ford ranger is starting to get rusty after one too many canadian winters now i was thinking of sanding down the chassis and axels and crap and repainting them execpt i would like ssome suggestions on what type of paint to use i was thinking just a tremclad rust paint but there must be something out there more purpose made for this use anyway any suggestion would be appreciated


posted by  binderjeep

i would buy an actual undercoat for the car. It is usually a type of rubber that you spray directly on metal under the car and it will stop rust and corrosion

posted by  griffinstud78

i found that a brush on "red oxide primer" gives a real good base, and then you can spray the cans of undercoat on top of that to make it black again.

posted by  carls47807

Uh... NO. Undercoat doesn't stop rust and corrosion. It provides a heavy duty protective barrier that slows the onset on clean painted metal. Applying undercoating to existing rusted/corroded areas or bare metal with actually speed up the rust/corrosion process. Of course you won't know it because it'll be well hidden.

posted by  vwhobo

that is precisely why you should sand it or wire brush it and get a good brush base with a self etching primer.

posted by  carls47807

best possible way to eliminate the rust issue would be of course to sand it...well sandblasting would work, but that would be hard as hell...then a good primer that prevents corrosion and rust, then the undercoating.

Canadian winters are bad on vehicles, especially down east in ontario/quebec, because they pour wayyyy too much salt on the streets.

The reason why undercoat should not be placed directly on the rusty surface, is because it will trap any exsisting rust/moisture, and thereby accelerate the problem, until you end up with holes in the floorpan...which would make your life worse then just dealing with a rusty undercarriage.

Just out of curiosity...would something like Rhino Liner be safe to use on the frame?....that stuff is supposed to be nearly indestructible..

posted by  dodgerforlife

it seems to me it would crack after awhile and kind of defeat itself, but i'm not sure ?

posted by  carls47807

That seems to be one of the uses for Rhino that they are touting.

posted by  srober32

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