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There is a whistling sound coming from the interior of my 199 ford ranger, i think its coming from the windshield but i dont have any cracks or maybe its jsut a seal has anyone had this problem or any suggestion on what else it could be i only hear the whistle above 50km/h.

posted by  binderjeep

all my cars are junk and whistle. air is getting in from somewhere, it could be your heater box, but most likely a side door seal or something. try pulling on the doors a little when it is whistling to see if the pitch changes, or pull on the window cranks.

posted by  carls47807

That's not quite as catchy as the license plate frame I have on my work truck. It says "All my cars are pieces of shit". :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

wind whistle is the devil...only vehicle I've had that happen on is a 96 dakota..its something to do with the seal around the drivers side window....if you drive with the window cracked down, you lose the whistle, but thats a pain when your doing 110km/h in the middle of winter...

if its still under dealership warranty...(199....??) then check with them, they may take a look at it and fix it for free...my friend had that done with a 2002 rav4 last year.

posted by  dodgerforlife

If you think it's the windshield, there is an easy way to check it.

Get a can of aerosol glass cleaner (available at dealerships and glass shops), and spray a thick layer of foam all around the outside of the glass. Use an air blower on the inside of the glass. If it blows the foam away, you've found your leak.

Use urethane to fix it, NOT SILICONE. If it leaks in several places, you probably have rust or an adhesion problem that should be repaired by a glass shop/body shop.

Hope this helps

posted by  black label

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