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89 Chevy Silverado 1500 series 1/2 Ton Truck w/ a 5.7L engine & a 700r4 auto transmission...it is not a 4x4.

ok...The odometer in this truck was not working when I bought it a few months ago. I have no clue on how long it has not worked. I rebuilt the engine a few weeks ago and am continuing to "go through" the truck until everything is up to spec.

I have pulled the instrument cluster to replace blown bulbs. While doing this I checked the connector (there is only one connector and no speedometer cable) in the rear for any misaligned pins and debris. I have also visually checked the wiring connections underneath the dash for any sign of loose connectors or tampering by previous owners and I couldnt find anything wrong. I also checked fuses....all were fine.

ALL of the other guages are fine, including the speedometer. Will someone please help me to the next step? Thanx :mrgreen:

posted by  Cantesoleares

in my 86 chevy van (which may be the same) the speedometer and odometer work together (so if the speedometer works the odometer has to as well). this would probably steer me to believe that there is an actual issue with your speedometer cluster.

is this digital, or analog? and if it is analog i'm assuming it runs off thousands of different gears and the fix would be to swap your speedometer and odometer cluster with a different unit.

if it is digital i have no clue what i am talking about.

good luck.

posted by  carls47807

You probably have a stripped gear in the odometer, swap it with another odometer and it should work.

posted by  srober32

the odometer has small plastic gears and mechanically turns to advance although there is no speedometer cable. From your statement can I assume then that what I have is an analog odometer?

....also...I am hoping for an explanation of how you came to the idea to swap the cluster. What I am gathering is that the speedometer and odometer must run off of the same input (maybe VSS?) so if one is working and the other is not...it must be the cluster(?) I am trying to learn to diagnose more and buy new parts less. :laughing:

Thanx for the help so far

posted by  Cantesoleares

what i presume is that, since your speedometer works, that there must be a bad gear somewhere that should be driving your odometer.

i hope someone corrects me if i'm wrong because i honestly do not know much about them. i would take it apart as far as i felt comfortable doing so. maybe you will be able to visually see a stripped gear, or bad ribbon cable on the back of the cluster.

posted by  carls47807

your speed sensor is electric as pictured for 700r4 so the speedo works but mileage dosent it should be controlled by a little motor in the panel turning those plastic gears the motor is bad or its got no signal/power you might try a new to you panel or see the dealer for the motor

posted by  osborste

excellent.....Thanks for helping me to understand......I will be shopping for a "new-to-me" panel. :thumbs:

posted by  Cantesoleares

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