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i have an 86 ford escort, with power steering. For about the last year now i have been having problems with the steering. When i turn to the wheel to the right (say to make a turn) everything is perfect. When i turn the wheel to the left though it feels like the car is steering against itself. Also if i hit a pot hole or bump in the road the car will kind of step to one side (pull horribly to the left).

When the car is parked and the steering wheel is straight the wheels are perfectly straight (i checked it by measuring the back and front of the front wheels, both are 55.5 inches).

So my question is, could a bent stabilizer bar or bad struts cause this?

I have replaced the control arms, tie rod ends, and rack and pinion but it still does the same thing.

thanks for the help.

posted by  carls47807

hows the wheelbase front center hub to rear center hub left and right hows the rear suspension hows the camber and caster i know there's no adjustment on the car for caster but if left and right have a large enough difference will cause these type's of problems

posted by  osborste

replace the struts and get lined up on problem.

posted by  dmartin_1

rear springs are probably shot, but all the struts appear to be functioning properly. thanks for the tips, i'll probably try a wheel alignment first.

posted by  carls47807

if your gettin a wheel alignment, and the shop is "proffesional" they'll do a front end inspection and probably be callin you on the phone saying you need some suspension parts, thats just my guess

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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