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i have a 1995 bmw 318is. like they originally came with the factory lights which are yellow. and like while driving down the rode i saw this new bmw that has really really BRIGHT lights so i decided to go to pepboys to buy some xenon lights. They were 55W which are higher than my original factory lights. but then when installed, it doesn't shine too far. like if i turn on my fog lights, that shines even further. i dunno if i did something wrong, or is it just my car? do i have to install some higher power thingy to power up the light bulbs? i'm just a college student in nor cal messin with my car right now. thanks, any help will do :hi:

posted by  BeemerLover

Probably the reflectors have something to do with it.

posted by  srober32

reflectors or the covers themselves...if the cover is yellowed from UV, that would easily dim out the lights....

as a side note.....are xenon bulbs a legal mod where you live?......because ive seen tickets for those bulbs and they are not cheap(or it could just be that the vehicular laws are anal/cops are anal where i live)

posted by  dodgerforlife

I really don't know if it's illegal haha, i never looked into it. hmm yea the covers are a bit yellowed out. it's been 10 years. do any of you know how to clean it so it's all new and shiny white again =).

posted by  BeemerLover

lens polish kits

posted by  osborste

is there anyway to remove that opaque stuff without paying so much? like when i looked under the hood at the lens, it seems like it's glued on the body so i can't actually remove the lens. anyone know how to remove it and also put it back on?

posted by  BeemerLover

ya it looks like its glued on(see pic) but $40 buck to get the polish or 100. plus s/h each for new one's(US price) not bad for a beemer considering my 97 chev malibu lights are over 200.00 for new one's in canada check local parts store for glass polish. is the haze inside or out on the lense

posted by  osborste

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