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Hi. I have seen a couple of post, which seem to take offence at not giving a little info about your self before asking a question. Here goes.

I am an aircraft mech. by trade, live in Canada, I am a Leo, likes are warm summer night and dislikes are 92 Mazda transaxles that pack it in. :wink2:

1992 Mazda 323 -1.6L 82 hp I4, Transmissions 4-Speed Automatic W/Overdrive. The transaxle has packed it in. I can not find a transaxle for this car but was told that the transaxle out of a Ford Escort of the same year class 1990-1995 would be a straight bolt up. Can someone direct me to a sight where I could find this information or just let me know if it is a straight bolt up. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. Off topic but are there a lot of Air force or aviation folks on this site?. :2cents:

posted by  DaveC

i would take that advice lightly, im not sure either but if you call Alberta Auto wreckers those mutha's know thier shit, tell em you need a tranni for your car and they always find me exactly what i need, or try NAPC north amercian powertrain company, in edmonton alot of good guys up there too

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

OK... I know over here (NZ) The ford Laser, and 323 are the same model... in the older ones anyway. As they get newer differences can be seen, but esssentially I believe they keep the same running gear. If you have the old tranny from your 323 you should be able to compare it to the Escort one.. Im pretty certain they are the same

posted by  Osiris

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