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I have a question, if someone can answer it it i will greatly appreciate it:
I have a 93 civic and i want to put in the new bright white "blue" halogene bulbs in it to replace the original bulbs. Can i just buy the bulbs or do i need to rework my headlight configuration to allow the new brighter lights to work???

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posted by  timmyc009er

your car should have a headlight bulb #9003 so if your blue bulbs list 9003 as a number they will fit right in no mod's

posted by  osborste

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights produce that effect, and require replacement of electronics behind the headlights to work. I haven't done this, so I don't know how it works, but the kits for it tend to run at about $250 to $400 on ebay.

HID-simulated bulbs, on the other hand, simulate the intensity and color of true HID lights -- the effect is weaker, but still better than stock headlights. These bulbs work with existing circuitry, and tend to cost between $5 and $20 per pair (again, on ebay). I have used this method before, and have been quite pleased with the effect, particularly with higher-wattage bulbs.

Search on ebay for your car model and "headlight bulbs"... there are a *lot* of sellers who sell white/blue/purple headlight bulbs on ebay which operate at varying wattages and color temperatures. In cases where it lists the color temperature, if I remember correctly, 4000K is white (approximately)... as you decrease from 4000, the color gets progressively more yellow/red. As you *increase* from 4000K, the color becomes more blue until you hit purple at >9000K. Be sure that the size of the lights you get matches the size required for your car... if the previous reply is accurate (I haven't checked), you need 9003-size bulbs.

posted by  sumitsu

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