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Hi all,

I have a Ford Transit 100 D SWB Panel Van (93/94), and suddenly started making a noise NOT when braking, but when the break pedal is released.
I went under the van and found that the sound apparently comes from the Load Apportioning Valve (LAV).
I cannot get my head arround why is making the noise. Do you?
What can I do about it?

Thanks in advanced!

posted by  kamik

Load Apportioning Valve (LAV).

This valve stops rear wheel lock up when the back end is light. It works similar to ABS Anti-lock Braking System.

"The apportioning valve regulates the amount of brake pressure applied to the rear brakes based on the amount of weight in the rear. The more weight in the rear, the more brake pressure to the rear wheel cylinders. This is to give maximum braking potential without having the rear wheels lock up. It is a very useful item especially on smooth low traction roads (snow, dirt sand) where speed is possible but traction is limited." Above Quote stolen for the Land Rover FAQ sight.

I believe what you may have is a faulty sensor or air in the system which would cause the sensor to appear faulty. The sound you get? Is it a hammering noise or a grinding noise? Do you get the dash light coming on when this happens? What is the braking like(do the rear wheels or both front and rear wheels lock up when you hit the brake)? P.S. Don't chew my head off but check the torque on your lug nuts (wheel nuts), sounds stupid but you would be amazed.

posted by  DaveC

Hi DaveC,

Thanks for your answer!

The noise I hear is neirther hammering nor grinding. Is more like a squeegee sound (sort off).

No lights come on at the dash board.

I also thought it could be air in the system, but why does it happen only when y release the pedal and not when the break is applied too?
And how could I fix it? Drain the system and refill it with new break fluid?

Sorry if my questions are a bit basic or obvious, but I am fearly new to the world of mechanics.

By the way, the sound was on and off yesterday (started happening all the time). It was happening whe breaking quickly (applying a bit of preassure in the pedal and releasing quickly). It wasn't happening when fully applying the brakes.

Thanks in advanced!!!

posted by  kamik


posted by  kamik

in canada and the usa its called a load/height senseing valve or proportioning valve
i think your van being over 10yr old the rear ride height is lower(maybe alot lower if loaded everyday) this has the valve set differently than a normal ride height the unit maybe adjustable to accomodate the weak springs(ride height)
or you may need to replace the springs to bring the ride height back up
or the linkage has siezed in place and broken off the frame or the valve body

posted by  osborste

Thanks for your reply.

You are right. It is dificult to now what's happening without having a look.
I already have an appointment with the mechanic.

Many thanks to all of you!!!

posted by  kamik

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