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hi yall, i have a 1995 bmw 318is with original sound system. can anyone suggest what speakers are good. and like is it possible to install it myself. what do i need. (amps, subs, box, speakers) other than those, are there anything else. also i'm just like a college student and low on money, so something cheap and good sound would be nice. thanks. any suggestions would be great.

posted by  BeemerLover

before anybody should start recommending anything theres a few more questions that should be answered...

- do you want it to be loud, or just good quality sound, or both?
- what kind of music do you listen to mostly?
- do you want loud bass, or clean bass, or both?
- what kind of price range are you looking at?

those four questions will help identify what quality of equipment/what equipment you need.

As for installing it yourself, it can be done, and it really is not that hard. For the head unit, you may need a bracket so that the deck fits properly in the dash, and a wiring bracket to connect the speakers/power wiring to the stock harness(trust me, it will make your life a world easier). For subwoofer amplifier wiring, that is very simple too, as a manual will come with both the amp and sub for wiring, all you need is an amplifier power kit, and a few feet of low gauge speaker wire for wiring the amp to the sub itself.

posted by  dodgerforlife

well i listen to all sorts of music but i would prefer something that has like loud bass. like i listen to a lot of trance and techno. like if i don't want a whole set, can i just get subs to make my bass better? or do i have to get speakers with it also. like the price range hopefully could be less than 200. but then i'm willing to go all the way up to 300. so hopefully that gives more info so i could get some more suggestions. thanks

posted by  BeemerLover

200-300 isnt much to spend on subs, an amp, speakers, and a head unit. the first thing you would probably want to get is a good head unit which can be purchased for around 200 bucks. i would then take the remaining 100 and buy front speakers because that is where you will be getting most of your sound from. then as you get more money you can add rear speakers and an amp/sub combo. however this isnt the only option and you can add a sub/amp combo first, but you wont actually be hearing much music with the stock speakers

posted by  griffinstud78

your best shot then is to go black market, because theres no way your going to get what you want for that price legally.

for loud bass with techno and trance....

one good 10" (kicker comp VR 2ohm dual voice coil is a great sub for this)
and something to drive it (rockford fosgate p3001)

brand new pricing of above models(via

as for the volume, you'd want a ported box. a ported box will offer higher db's, but slightly muddier bass. With that sub, there won't be a noticable difference. Boxes are relatively cheap....a ported 10" box can be found for like 35$-50$

As for the speakers, if you are satisfied with the sound output from them(specifically the highs), then there should not be a problem in leaving them stock. Most speakers that come factory installed are actually pretty decent, at least for most purposes. As for being able to just install a sub, you'd have to look at your stock'd need a low frequency output on the deck. For a 95 though, I highly doubt that the stock deck has that. In that case, you will need to have a deck that has a low frequency output.

If you just want a regular CD deck, one I can recommend would be:
Alpine CDA-9825(crutchfield price= $149.99)

If you want MP3 capability:
Alpine CDA-9847(crutchfield price= $199.99)

These are just way to really find out is to go down to your local car audio store, take along a disc with your favorite tunes, and start testing out what they have. Once you know what you want, you can often work out a 6 month no payment no interest deal(put down whatever you would have spent, and pay the rest off as you can.....)

or you can take that list, and find it hot. granted, you wont have warranty or insurance, but it will be a hell of a lot cheaper. For instace, a thousand dollar dvd/screen deck can go for a hundred bucks on the street.

or, get it used. Sometimes used gear will go for suprisingly low cost, and is still in mint condition. Like what I am doing right now....I am selling my current sub/amp/box combo that I bought brand new last year for 750$...only put about 25 hours of listening time on it....for like 450$.

posted by  dodgerforlife

awesome, thanks for the suggestions, greatly appreciate them. gonna go look around now for the prices of those items you suggested. yea, i sorta just needed to know like what to get so i could look up the prices.

posted by  BeemerLover

first off i wouldnt buy anything hot because if you get caught with it your fvcked. second off dont buy from crutchfield because they will overcharge you for anything you buy. other than that i would look for used stuff because that is where you will get your best deals.

posted by  griffinstud78

how does buying it hot mean your screwed? sure cops will tear apart someones car to look at the serials on the gear inside....there are so many cars these days that run aftermarket gear that it would be impossible to decide whether someone is running "hot" gear or not. It just screws you on insurance. whoop-de-doo. Brand new gear will depreciate pretty damn quickly, so your insurance is not likely to cover what you actually paid for the stereo in the first place. I mean, go ahead, spend 2500$ on a stereo, have it jacked a year later, and get like 1500$ from insurance. have fun. Or, buy the same stereo for less then 500$ hot. your still coming out ahead, considering in most cases you will get 50% of what it was worth if you do not have receipts(in regards to insurance claims).

secondly, i just gave prices from crutchfield as a GUIDE. crutchfield is not the be-all end-all of car audio online stores, it is just one of the more well-known ones, and american at that, so I used it as a base line for him.

thirdly, i did recommend buying it used.

posted by  dodgerforlife

alright if you want to put hot gear in your car go right ahead. when my stereo got stolen the insurance paid for all 450 of it, but maybe your insurance wont.

second if he doesnt know any better he might end up buying it off of crutchfield

fianlly i never said it was my idea about the used sh1t, i was just agreeing with you

posted by  griffinstud78

a) my stereo is worth about 4 times as much as yours.... my insurance covers current market value minus deductible. with receipts. without receipts, 50% of market value less deductible. So to me, it would have been to my advantage to buy stolen gear, but i do have a conscience, someone else got their stereo jacked, and i wouldnt like it if it happened to me...(but other people are not that scrupulous)

as for the crutchfield thing, i said he should goto a local store and start browsing. I never said he should absolutely positively buy it from there.

but at least we agree on some things...

you never denounced my picks :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

[QUOTE=dodgerforlife] I mean, go ahead, spend 2500$ on a stereo, have it jacked a year later, and get like 1500$ from insurance. have fun. Or, buy the same stereo for less then 500$ hot. your still coming out ahead, considering in most cases you will get 50% of what it was worth if you do not have receipts(in regards to insurance claims).

so it is little asses like you that make dirtbag kids steal cd players like mine. that is probably the most asshole thing i have ever heard. if you are okay with buying stolen goods (and you might as well be stealing them yourself), then okie dokey. my only comment would be to get a focking job.

posted by  carls47807

read the next post, fsckbag.

next time, READ and THINK before you POST.

and i do have a job, i work 40 hours a week, sorting out retarded americans cell phone problems. i bought my stereo. 1600$, cash.

once again, THINK before you POST.

posted by  dodgerforlife

oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am personally against stolen gear, but some people aren't. my above posts may not reflect that, but i am just pointing out some things(ie - insurance in regards to 'hot' gear).

I know people who sell stolen gear, but I have never even talked to them about prices, the price I got was from someone else, who had talked to them.

I have been affected by having my stereo stolen. My first stereo, twin 12" clarions with a kicker amp, was ripped out of my trunk, along with my alpine deck. they first smashed my drivers window in to get at them. my insurance covered it, thank god, otherwise i may have been tempted to go and buy stolen gear, as some sort of sad compensation for mine having been ripped off.

as for saying that im an ass, getting other little dirtbags to steal shit for me, is a direct attack on my person. If only I was american, then I could sue you for slander. Thank god I am not american, then I wouldn't pull stupid shit like that out of my ass!(and no, thats not a direct attack on you, thats an attack on all americans who speak without thinking.) Did you ever stop to think that maybe your not the only person who has gotten ripped off? Did you ever stop to think that maybe I work a fulltime job, and help out on the family farm, and paid for my stereo? I really do not believe so. Especially with your narrow views of society. Thanks for stereotyping my generation, unfairly, with biased opinions, which makes you the ass.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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