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I'm new to the forum, but have a question about a warning lamp that turned on in my car last night. Its a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI, and the light in question is a small orange dummy light directly underneath the tachometer. There are a set of 3 lights down there, this one would be the closest to the center of the instrument panel. If anyone has one of these cars, please let me know what the light means, because I do not have an owners manual for the car. Also, I have not noticed and driveability problems since it came on. Thanks!

posted by  oceanfire0

it should read something? this is the closest pic i found of the dash hope it help's

posted by  osborste

best thing you can do if you havent noticed any problems and dont know how to read ignition codes/dont have the owners manual is to get it checked out at a shop. Get them to hook it up to their computer and run a diagnostics check...

most likely a sensor issue of some sort....i know my truck had a problem with that....it runs fine, but the o2 sensor(or wiring) is faulty(yes we've had it looked at and the sensor replaced), so the check engine dash light comes on every now and then, then it will disappear for awhile. BUT, we did not know that until we had it put through a diagnostic check.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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