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96 Blazer....

This car started fine all winter and in the last week it has got to the point where it takes 30 seconds to get started in the morning. The car turns over well but takes a while to start. It has brand new spark plugs and ignition seems to be fine. Once I get it started I can smell exhaust coming from the vents for a few minutes. Once I get the car started and running for about 20 seconds I can shut the car off and it will start up with no problem the second time. Starting is harder after a cold night. There are also no service engine codes. Thanx for any suggestions.

posted by  jboht

how are the plug wire's my 97 malibu 3.1L 130000km original wire's had this problem put a new set on with plugs,air filter fire's up right away even after a cold night if you look at the wire's and can see them numbered 1-6 then i would think they are original(never seen replacement numbered yet) most recommend 50000 mile or 80000 km or 60 month to replace your wire's

posted by  osborste

sounds like the fuel pressure regulator on the cpi is leaking. here is a quick check for you...... . remove the plastic vortec cover on the top of the intake. underneath you will see a round black plastic motor , disconnect and remove that. shine a light down into the hole while someone turns the key to run(dont crank it) .if you see fuel dripping down or the left side of the intake is much cleaner than the right, replace the cpi unit. also note that the egr valve could be stuck open by a peice of carbon. this is usually the by product of the motor running pig rich from a leaky cpi. pull it off and look if you dont have a scanner handy that can give you an actual egr position.

posted by  DFgerbil

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