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Hi All I live in Arkansa. I have a 1989 suburan 2 wheel drive 5.7 350 TBI automatic .It was running very good except it developed a knock .I pulled the eneine out and replaced the crankshaft.Everything went fine except when i started the engine it would cut out and miss like getting to much gas. drove it run fine.but when it cooled down it started cutting out at idle bad.We did not remove anything from the motor but crankchaft and timming chain.I was wondering if we might have missed a wire or vacume line .Seem like when the engine comes off the warm up mod its ok .It also blows a lot of black smoke when first started, Please help Thank you Danny :doh:

posted by  dmartin_1

i would throw a timing light on there to make sure it checks out alright (just how good does it run when it is warm?)

if the timing is right i would run the living piss out of it for a couple days and see if anything changes. how long was it sitting while in repair?.

my friend had an 88 that practically did the same thing, except his ran like crap all the time. never did find out what was wrong with it. he sold it to a guy down the street from me and it has been sitting there for the last year. just though this would make you feel better. :wink2:

posted by  carls47807

Run Fine Was down only 1 Week Nice corvair Danny

posted by  dmartin_1

did you pull hte motor or squeeze from the bottom? if so the obvious would be to check all your connections over again (plug for the idle air valve maybe (i'm no expert by any means)) thanks for the compliment. i'll have a new pic of it soon, i have to get it out and get the chrome on it :).

posted by  carls47807

pull the cap and rotor off the distibutor and give a good look to the magnet on the shaft. small cracks or looseness can change the field and give you all kinds of hesitation, black smoke, and stalling. also check the screws that hold the module down for corrosion. this would cause you to lose your ground.

posted by  DFgerbil

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