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Hi I have a 94 accord 4cycl 4 dr ex and I need help locating the thermostat.
I think I have an idea where it is. I think it's near the back of the engine under some big hoses. If that's where it is then i think i have to remove some things before i can remove the thermostat. Is that where it is??? please help me locating the thermostat... i commute and it's a freakin burnnnnnn when my car is overheating... can someone give me a photo or give me a site to show me a photo where it might be located...i need this info bad...thanks.

posted by  94accordprobs

check the pic's remove any gasket or crud that may be left needs to be clean and smooth and be gentle when tightening the bolts. tighten a little at a time till both are snugg then alittle more. dont tighten one then the other you might crack the housing. make sure thermostat stay's in position. in the pic there's a small bleed hole on thermostat make sure this is at 12 o'clock when done refill system check for leaks let run with rad cap off as you keep it full this will help get air out and let you see when thermostat opens keep a container under the rad to catch any spills once full and system is hot check your overflow jug fill to full hot level your done

posted by  osborste

You should be able to call the dealership that makes your car, talk to the repair shop, and ask them if your thermostat is located in the top or bottom radiator hose, the Toyota house told me where mine was located.

posted by  Diblue1121

what you need to do is follow the top rad hose it will lead you to the thermosta then there will be two bolts you will have to remove butmake sure you removethe hose first you will then put your new one in with a new gasket don't do this with a hot car once you put it in do not over tight or the housing will break

posted by  utah115

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