radio shuts off in 99 jeep grand cherokee

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Okay. I need some help here. This started awhile ago, and the jeep dealer claims to have no idea what is wrong. My radio just shuts off randomly. No rhyme or reason. The car could be on for 3 minutes, and then it happens, or for 30 minutes, and then it starts. And it starts out slow, shutting off every 3 minutes or so, then coming back on. Then it happens so fast that is sounds like static on the station or something. If you turn off the radio, the clock display shuts off too, and you can hear it clicking as the power turns on and off. Please help me. This is soooooo frustrating!!!

posted by  njk329

Check the live wire is connected, and check the earth, sounds to me just like a loose connection

posted by  Osiris

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