99 Ford Escort ZX2, Broken Air Conditioner

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Could any one give me a rough estamate or even a ball park figure of how much a new air conditioner would be for a 99 Ford Escort Zx2? It's doesnt just need freon, tried that and still broken. Turns on, but no cold air. Heater works though. Any help would be great, and if any one in the Dallas, tx area has a trustworthy machanic to contact that would be AWSOME too. Thanks to all for any help!

posted by  Nicki1128

there's a leak somewhere if you topped up the system and it still blows warm air and the a/c compressor is not cycling your going to need it checked to find the leak fix it and have it refilled this is normally not a job for the home mechanic as you need the tools and gauges to perform the diagnosis

posted by  osborste

if the compressor is running, i would spray your condensor down with engine degreaser and hose it off. a lot of times they will get all plugged up with road tar and shit and it causes the whole system to screw up.

if the compressor is not clicking on check the pressure in the system. it should be around 30-37(lbs) if the pressure is correct, try jumping the relay with a paper clip (but only if the pressure is correct). if the compressor still doesn't come on after jumping the relay you either have a bad compressor clutch, or the connector going into the compressor is bad. if i remember correctly there will be a separate little 6 inch harness going from the compressor to the wiring harness and these go bad all the time.

posted by  carls47807

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