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Hello everyone, first time post.

I've got a 1967 Caddy, with a 429. When I got the car, the fan was shot, as was the water pump. When I was removing the water pump, the bolts were pretty rusty, and I broke three of them off. Two had enough stud showing to remove, but #3 was a tough one. To make a long story short(er), I have to replace the timing cover. Anyone know of a good source for a new or used timing cover ?

My main question is in regards to the timing chain. How tight should it be ? Supposedly this motor was recently rebuilt, but the chain seems pretty loose. If I pull all the slack to one side, I can move the chain just about 1/2" from side to side. Is this too loose ?


posted by  old_car1234

I wish I knew the answer for you, however that seems to be pretty loose.

I'm sure when vwhobo comes on, he'll have an answer for you.

In the mean time...why not post a pic of this '67 Caddy...

posted by  BavarianWheels

The only pictures I have are of the car getting lowered off the tow truck in my driveway, not very flattering. If I can get this thing running soon, I plan to get some better pictures.

posted by  old_car1234

That would be a good "before" pic...

posted by  BavarianWheels

Finding a timing cover might take a bit of work. My first contact would be http://www.usapartssupply.com/. If no luck there I would next go to http://www.hmn.com/. I absolutely guarantee somebody there will have one. Why do you need to replace the timing cover? Unless you trashed it trying to get out the stud I'm quite sure it'll be cheaper to take it to a machine shop and have them remove it.

Having a 1/2" slack on the timing chain if not bad, is damn close. Check two things first. Try pushing the chain straight up (use a screwdriver) at the top of the cam gear to check for looseness. Then look at the teeth on the gears. Are they worn to a point or are they rounded? If the chain is loose on the gear or the teeth are pointy, replace the set. Honestly, in my opinion, you're already there, the $50 or so it will cost for a new timing chain is cheap insurance so just replace it.

http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/4711738e/bc/Yahoo!+Photo+Album/vjy007.gif?bc P.KupBVtnPj9ag

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks, I probably will replace the timing set while I've got the cover off.

On the top of the water pump, there is a short bolt, with 1/4" threads that bolts into the timing over. I broke this one off. Drilled it out, put an extractor in it ( last time I do that) and broke the extractor off. At this point I should have removed the timing cover, and had a machine shop extract it. Instead I kept drilling. When I was trying to drill around the broken extractor, I managed to take a big chunk out of the timing cover, which is aluminum I believe. I'm going to take it to a machine shop, to see if they can fix it, but I trashed it pretty good.

I saw a timing cover on e-bay, going for 125, so I'll compare that to the machine shop quote. I have the USA Parts Supply catalog, that's probably where I'll get the timing set.

posted by  old_car1234

That sucks that you did that to the timing cover. When you take it to the machine shop I think you'll find at this point it's cheaper to replace. Good luck with it.

posted by  vwhobo

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