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i just got new rims that are 17x7.5", and i want to know if i can fit my old tires (205/40/17's) on them. My original rims were 7" wide. I went to the manufacurer's site (yokohama) and the tires werent listed. Since these are the narrowest 17" tires around, i'm unsure if i should chance mounting these on my new rims.

so would it be unsafe for me to put these tires on my 7.5" wide rims?

posted by  lakers3021

With 40 high tires I would stick with the original rim width for fear of popping them off of the rim. On the other hand if you have the money you could also buy new tires that are wider and if they make them lower profile have the diameter matched (gotta have the speedo working properly).

posted by  srober32

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