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You're welcome. I've considered how pictures would make things easier to understand. At this point I don't have the technology to make it happen, but I'm working on it.

posted by  vwhobo


posted by  vwhobo

i must say great work, im giving you a LOT of props for this one, and most likely all the things you do for this whole new deal... good job. i cant find the exact first car to have power steering, but i found the person who invented it, Francis W. Davis in the 1920s. (atleast thats what the site said)

posted by  mazda6man

1953 caddy ?

posted by  lectroid

Thanks VWhobo for spending your time doing this, this is really cool, i really appreciate it ive been looking on the web for stuff to teach me about how cars work and stuff, this is my solution, i appreciate your time and effort in this, i dont have time to read all that so i copy pasted it to my comp so i can read it and study it when i want, mabey you could include pictures for sum of your stuff?

posted by  stringer001

It would help to get photos of like a rack and pinnon and stuff coz dude, i have no imagination. But like you said your working on it, thats cool thanks.

posted by  stringer001

Here's some pics. Hope they help

^^Power Rack and Pinion

^^Recirculating Ball Steering

^^ Rotary Vane Pump

posted by  Bubba

Gee thanks BuBBa, your pictures was worth vwhobo's 1419 words.

posted by  stringer001

good 'ol ... never steered me wrong (haha, its funny cuz we're talking about steering)...dont pay any attention to my 2cents

posted by  mazda6man

haha, ball nut.

Great job VWhobo. major props!

posted by  Satty101

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